Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Help Me Out

About a year ago...almost exactly a year ago...I entered a photo in a contest.  The first round was judged by the company that sponsored the contest.  I was voted by that company to move onto the second and final round.  The second and final round was judged by the rest of the guys.  You guys voted for me and because of that, I was one of the eight winners.

That same contest is going on right now.  And again, the piece I entered was judged by the company to move into the next and final round.  Help me out!

To vote, please "Like" this page ( Then go to my image ( and click on the “Like” button below it. 

If the link takes you to the whole album, my piece is "African Grey Parrot" by Christopher Kulfan - that's me

many many thanks everyone!

or, you can email your vote if you don't have facebook.  Go here and fill out the info, saying you would like to vote for "African Grey Parrot" by Christopher Kulfan

 ...This is the photo that made it in...

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tiltin' and Shiftin' Paris

Check out some Paris pictures!

I'll warn you, there are many Eiffel Tower pictures.  I try to put my own tiltish shiftish twist on them, but when something is photographed with such frequency, can it not be cliche?  Decide for yourself.

here's a little something something to whet your appetite...