Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mostly Belfast Zoo

I saw this on the way to Ikea on the 19th.  Nothing special, but I liked the composition and the focus falling on the wall, behind the subject, instead of on the subject.

Bus Stop?

More importantly was yesterday's trip to Belfast Zoo.  I warn you people that some of these images are awfully depressing...not in some mangled and bloody way.  The emotion some of these animals are projecting is just extremely sad.  
The zoo is actually a very nice zoo, TONS of space for the animals.  We had a very nice time, and spent the majority of the day there.  I guess sometimes you just capture a picture that goes a little deeper.  I feel I have done this with the first two pictures.

Staring Into My Soul

Alone in the Rain

In an attempt to not leave you utterly depressed, here are some baby meerkats and a cute bat.

Baby Meerkat

Baby Meerkat Up Close

Not a Normal Angle

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