Monday, September 19, 2011

September 14th through the 18th

The view out one of our windows in our Belfast apartment is a nice one.  It's an interesting mix of older roofs and modern hospital buildings.  Here is a tilt shift version of it.  I had my tilt shift lens out from I figured I should use it again before putting it away.

Tilt Shifted Belfast

I passed something wonderful on my way to the grocery store on the 15th...a flyer with the words "ska nation" on it.  You can't go wrong with ska.  Adding to the awesomeness was The Special's Rude Boy standing there on said flyer.  A day later I was on a bus that had a flyer that said The Specials are playing in the next week or so.  This is a beautiful world that I am currently residing in.  The only thing that would make it better would be if it was Operation Ivy's Skanking Man instead of the Rude Boy.

Hooligans and Rude Boys

My wife was told that Friday morning is the best day to go to Saint George's Market.  Apparently that's when they have the most produce.  So we went.  We survive off of produce.

 Irish Pineapples

 Happy Men and Their Produce

There was a nice little fair on the 17th and 18th.  There was music and food.  It took place in the Botanic Gardens right by our house.  A palm tree house that is only opened once a year was opened.  It was filled with crazy plants.   A jazz/swing band was playing.  This trumpet player was filled with soul.

 Irish Palm Tree

The Horn Section

We went hiking yesterday.  The trail had a few hidden animal mosaics.  Some of them were covered with shrubbery, some were missing parts.  Only one mosaic, the squirrel, was fully intact.

 Bats, Squirrels, and Badgers

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