Monday, September 26, 2011

Walls, Doors, Guys (and guitars), Graffiti, and Museums

I came across this oddly illuminated wall/hedge the other evening.

A neighbor put out some nice potted plants the next day.  It if wasn't for all the brightly colored doors, I'm sure I wouldn't have even noticed.  But a big red door against a white wall is hard to miss.

We were walking around downtown Belfast On Friday the 23rd and came upon this guy.  As we walked past we realized he was singing some song by The Jam.

We went to a nice park on Saturday.  We were going to go to a much nicer place...a place with some good hiking and some old rock formations.  Apparently our week bus pass had just run out and we didn't have the cash on us to pay we meandered to the other park, passing this...I suppose Love Crime is better than Hate Crime.

On Sunday the 25th we went to the Ulster Museum.  It is two minutes from our apartment.  It is free to get in.  It is a nice place to go when it rains.  Which it does frequently.
Here are some things found in said museum...

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