Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Few Days Of Working With Textures

These past few days consisted of me playing with different textures and layers.  Not all of the shots include texture work...but some do.  You will be able to tell which include it.

This cat is free of texture work.  It requires little to no improvement...rather cute all on its own.

The following day (the 27th) was when I first decided to get into really working with textures and layers.  I ended up starting a postcard series due to the results I got from these two pictures...

These shots are from inside the greenhouse in the Botanic Gardens.

Much like the cat, no textures are needed here.  This guy is more than good enough all on his own.  He sits outside of our house for about an hour or two every day.

On Thursday I meandered into one of my wife's future lecture halls.  When she found out where I had been she got jealous...she was yet to go into it due to how awesome and old the building was..also because she didn't know if she was allowed to enter it yet.  

Yesterday, back in the Botanic Gardens, I saw my chance to get a good shot of the greenhouse from outside.  Normally people are in front of it...ruining potential shots.  With the postcard series in mind, I pressed the shutter release...

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