Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cleaning Up Before Spain

I wanted to post yesterday and today's pictures before heading out for Spain tomorrow morning.  I figure if i don't post them now, they will just end up tainting four days worth of Madrid, Malaga and Ronda.  So here they are..nothing too fantastic in that I haven't had much free time, what with the Spain prepping and whatnot...

Yesterday's photo is the first shot of my wife's university that I took that I actually like.  I got it right before the sun began to rise.  Queen's University.  

Today's main photo gave me a chance to get my old Duaflex out for some TTV shooting.  Again, it was early, the sun was yet to rise, and the dark sky in my photo is proof of it.

My other picture from today is my ongoing book list.  I didn't want to have it as my only picture since I just recently did so with Moby Dick... So that's why you get to look at a TTV lamp as well.  Here is The Stranger by Camus.  A very good and also very quick read.  I finished it in about three hours and picked up his The Fall.

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