Saturday, November 26, 2011

When Tesla Has an Idea

Yesterday's photos are not as awesome as today's.  I will quickly get yesterday's out of the way so we can move on to better things...

Of yesterday's shots, this one is the better of the two.  I've used the technique I used here before, basically using some external something-or-other as an off-camera filter.  This window worked wonders by catching and holding the glare, reflecting text (in the upper left section), and making the overall image much more vibrant.

Nothing special...just some people staring at a wall while holding umbrellas.

Now today's photo.  It required a little more work than I normally put into my daily photo... I had to draw a specific type of light bulb (and I really am a pretty miserable artist when it comes to using pencils), get creative with lighting, and work with a bunch of layers... but I think it was well worth it.  

So, the piece is based off the idea that when we are inspired/reach a conclusion/acknowledge our own genius, a light bulb blinks on over our heads.  It is a very specific looking light bulb, this ghostly piece of glowing glass that floats just a few inches above us.  Well, for Nikola Tesla, a man with constant light bulbs cluttering his air space, they probably would have looked a little different.  As an electrical engineer and inventor, I'm sure it would be his version of light bulbs that would be turning and staying on, not what ended up being the commonly used light bulb. Here it is...Nikola Tesla getting a fantastic idea...




    ps. we're talking about quasars in cosmology. holy shit! what do you remember about quasars/have you heard about how their visible location in space helps explain the age and development of the universe?

  2. I am glad you agree.
    because... yes. it is.

    quasars are pretty fantastic...i wrote a children's story that talked about quasars. It rhymed. Are they still the brightest thing in the universe?