Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting Up-Close And Personal With Birds, Smoke and Coins

After shooting some nature-related subjects on Sunday, I decided I need to change things up a tad.  Far too frequently I just wander into the woods or someplace similar and just snap a quick shot.  While that is good for a backup, I need to try to do it less.  So after realizing that Sunday's shots added to the plethora of "outdoorsy" photos, I decided that Monday would be related to unnatural and complex lighting and Tuesday would deal with macro photography.  Macro photography without the flowers or plants, of course.

So here are the Sunday shots that made me realize I can't always shoot nature...

Here are Monday's shots...the ones dealing with complex lighting.  I used off-camera flash as well as some natural lighting through a window.  These shots are of smoke from a recently distinguished candle.  The shots had to be precisely timed to make sure they didn't consist of just a big billowing cloud of smoke or a tiny wisp of nothingness.  Though these are rather abstract, I can't help but seeing specific things in them...

 ...A slightly provocatively dancing woman

...and an orchestra conductor or magician, in the middle of conducting or casting a spell

Today's macro shots are of British currency.  Someone had suggested that I take some shots of coins awhile back, and felt like it was about time to give the people what they want.  So here is an extreme close-up of a lion wearing a crown on the ten pence coin and a not as close-up shot of a pound sterling...


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