Friday, January 13, 2012

Last Portion Of My Trip Back To The States (as well as some shots from when I finally returned to Northern Ireland)

The 4th had me shooting a potential new project.  Nothing impressive or special, just a shot that on its own looks like a standard but decent image.  When combined with other shots from the project, though, you might acknowledge the Fairy Tale roots of the images.  Also, I intend to use a painted style for this project.

My wife didn't really like the apple shot.  She is normally a good judge of my work, but this time I disagree.  I like the apple.  Perhaps it isn't that great.  In case it isn't anything special, the 4th gets a second albums.  We spent some good time going through very old albums on our vacation.

I used my father's antique radio for my Thursday photo.  

I drove around Lancaster County for a little on Friday morning.  This is Lancaster County in a nutshell...Farm animals and old school houses.

There was a campfire on the 7th.  There was a face in the campfire.

My wife wanted to spend a lot of time with our cat. (he had to stay back in the states with her parents)  She got to do so on the 8th.  He somehow injured his right eye.  Now he is blind in that eye.  Poor thing.

The 9th.  My last full day in the States.
I am like a Snow Goose.  I leave my current location and head to Lancaster County when winter comes 'round.  I stick around for a little, then head on to my next destination.  Later, Lancaster County. 

Here is New York City from above.  The glowing golden lights of the Big Apple.  Taken on a plane on the 10th.

The 11th was a confusing day.  My shot from that day portrays that confusion perfectly.  Our plane landed at 5:30 am.  We then took a two hour bus ride from Dublin to Belfast.  We then slept late into the evening.  Apparently at some point in time I held my camera up to the window and focused on something. (a wall with strange windows, I later realized)  This is the only photograph I had from that day...hey, at least I didn't forget to get a shot!  What is most strange is that there is very little post processing/photoshopping on this shot.  Yes, there is some....but really, not as much as you would think an image like this would require.

This was taken yesterday in a greenhouse.  Going from the cold air outside to the warm greenhouse air caused my lens to fog up...making the shot softer and brighter.

And for today.  Some peculiar Belfast Graffiti.  Enjoy.

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