Friday, January 13, 2012

A Portion Of My Trip Back To The States

In that my free time in the States was limited, so too was the frequency of my posting.  Here is a portion of that trip.  I will do another post after this one goes live.

While back in the states, we didn't limit ourselves to Pennsylvania.  We made our way up to New York and did some spelunking on the 29th.  There was an awesome underwater stream that drained into a large body of water as well as huge empty areas and extremely tight passages.  

We stayed in a farm house for a few days.  The 30th found us waking up to goats and chickens.  We also had a chance to get some hiking in.  Kaaterskill Falls was one of our destinations.  Absolutely gorgeous!

I used one of my Christmas presents to help me make quick work of my daily photo on the 31st.  A beautiful Kodak Brownie.

Bald Eagles seem like a good subject for the first day of 2012.  Or at least as good as any.  These are juveniles. 

January 2nd's sky wasn't so cloudy that the sun couldn't peek though, but it was cloudy enough that a few snowflakes were able to fall.

I was only out of my bed for a few minutes on the third (I felt rather under the weather) luckily I was able to get a good enough shot in those few minutes.

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