Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back in the States

So.  Research (plus a small desire to see family and friends around the holidays) brought us back to the states.  My wife needed to do some raiding of the US archives for her masters degree in Northern Ireland...It doesn't sound too legit, but it is.  really.

Friends and family...and constant travelling...sure occupy much time.  Especially when everyone wants to see you all the time...I would have thought that three months is an okay amount of time to be away, apparently parents feel otherwise.  So I've been busy.  Very.  I still got my daily photo...It's just been a long time since I last posted.  So here is all that has happened since the last post.

A trip to Central Park in New York City

I got back to Ephrata just in time to see one of the older buildings in the town being brought to its knees.

Saw a father and son doing some late night fishing at Middle Creek.

Saw the close to empty Speedwell Forge reflecting some beautiful setting sun light

Set up some Lionel trains around the Christmas tree with my brother.


Day after Christmas! (last day I feel like I can get away with Christmas-related photos)

In the key of T(ea)...My brother and I have spent much time jamming, passing the string, key, vocal, and now washboard duties back and forth.  Yea.  He got me a washboard for my birthday.  Best present ever.

My 70-200 F4 L series lens arrived today.  My Christmas/birthday present to myself.  I only had a minute to try it out, but a quick handheld shot of the moon produced this, so I am more than happy with it.  Expect a review sooner or later.

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