Monday, December 5, 2011

Belfast's First Snow

It's December...has been for a few days.  I really would have expected some good snow by now, but I guess I don't yet have a good grasp on Belfast/Northern Ireland weather.  Well, late last night, and into the early hours of this morning, Belfast was treated to its first snow.  Not a lot, but enough.  Enough for me to grab my camera around one in the morning and get my first snow shot of this 365 photo-a-day blog.  And then, after waking up, grabbed it again and shot the beautiful, now snow covered, mountain that we have as a neighbor.

The 1:00am shot is a tad more abstract, sporting bokeh snowflakes illuminated by a street lamp and one green "spot" (for lack of better term...maybe piece?) of bokeh from a nearby green motion detecting light.

And here is the nearby snow covered mountain that I woke up to.  I must sled down that.  I must.  Also, I must get a better telephoto lens.  I'm shooting with a really old, less than great quality 70-300mm.  I'm looking into the 70-200 f4L series Canon lens.  Not the version with image stabilization.  Any thoughts?  Should I just save up and get the stabilized model?  

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