Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birdmen and Panoramas

Today was rainy.  Very rainy.
This did not stop us from taking a walk to Lagan Meadows, though.  We walked until we couldn't stand the rain anymore, then turned around and made our way home.  While there and during the slight lulls in the wet weather, I did my best to get some shots.  Here is a man that was surrounded by birds no matter where he went.  My wife has been mentioning that I need to get some more natural-looking is my best attempt.  Two people, some birds, a river and some trees...I wanted to make it black and white but she said no.

While there I also had the chance to start a project that I've been meaning to do.  I want to create "urban" panoramas.  I figure this means mostly walls of graffiti, but I have no intentions of limiting it to that.  I just know that what I've been considering is very specific.  My goal is to be able to print really large panoramas from these shots...which are a bunch of individual shots that are stitched together, none of that 1 x 8 cropping of a regular 15 megapixel image.  For instance, this shot, when printed at its maximum size (with reasonable resolution for something so large) would be an awesome 2 feet x 35 feet.  Now I just need to find somewhere capable of printing it for me.  

I cut it down into two pieces so that you could actually see some detail. 

Anyone know of a good place to print something that is 35 feet long?

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