Friday, December 16, 2011

A Holga Lens!..For My DSLR!? SWEET (and some other stuff)

Queen's University Belfast's Lanyon building is fairly old.  The wear and tear on these somewhat ferocious looking/somewhat cute gargoyles at its main entrance are proof of that age.

Yesterday I had the hope of shooting something winter-related.  I found a bird in a tree.  Though that may not be very winter-esque, I think the out of focus/soft focus look kind of helps.  Also, the evergreen tree is the only plant in the picture that has leaves.

That was Wednesday's and Thursday's...and now for today's.

So, Holga makes lenses for some of the more popular DSLRs now.  I found this out about a month ago and immediately picked one up for my wife who likes that vintagey, light-leaking, vignetted look (but has no time or desire to put towards post-processing).  I got it with the intention of giving it to her as a Christmas present, but when I recently was at the front door, receiving an entirely different package from the delivery guy, I saw the HolgaDirect name at the top and realized we would have to exchange some gifts a tad earlier than planned.  I had an odd feeling I knew what was in that box.  After convincing her to exchange, we were baffled that somehow, out of the millions of perfectly reasonable gifts to get each other, we somehow managed to get each other the exact same thing.  It's not like either of us ever mentioned wanting one of these, or knew they existed!  So now we have two Holga lenses for Canon.

The lens seems to create the Holga effect fairly well.  I've only spent an hour messing around with it, but so far I'd have to say I rather enjoy it.  I will give an in-depth review of it soon, but for now you can see what it's capable of by checking these images out...

 There was only a slight amount of post-processing on this shot.  Just a little bit of contrast adjustment.  Also, I cropped it slightly, making it harder to see the vignetting on the right side.

  These three were cropped but not post-processed at all.  You can see the vignetting on the top corners of all of them. 

I'll pull some shots straight from the camera, no post-processing, when I do a full review on the lens.  That way you can see exactly what this lens is capable of.

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