Monday, December 12, 2011

Macro, Mountains and Music...also a portion of the alphabet

I purchased some macro extension tubes a few weeks ago.  They were delivered on the 9th and I immediately put them through some basic here are the results of that first day.  I will definitely be using them again soon, so look forward to a more in depth "review" of them...but for now judge them based on these photographs.

I believe the last one is a pretty little daisy bud...all closed up.  To me, though, it appears to be something else entirely.  By letting you know what I think it resembles, I will be making my age, demographic, and interests extremely apparent...unless of course you don't know what it is I'm referring to (which is probably for the best).  It's the head/mouth of a Taxxon.  You know, from the Animorphs?  K.A. Applegate and, I was addicted to those books as a kid.

Moving on.  It recently snowed for the first time here in Belfast.  I posted a photograph of the nearby mountain covered in snow on that momentous occasion.  Well, by Saturday just seeing it in the not so distant distance wasn't good enough.  My wife and I donned appropriate hiking attire and headed towards the snow covered mountain.  It was crazy to think that the last time we were on the mountain, we were comfortable wearing t-shirts...This time our sweatshirts and jackets were far from sufficient.    

Yesterday we were lucky enough to get to go to the annual carol service in the Great Hall of Queen's University Belfast.  It was a beautiful service with a very talented chamber choir singing some traditional and common as well as some more obscure Christmas carols.  It was interesting to hear, and try to follow along with the Irish versions of the classic ones...some of which had slightly different melodies.  

Here are some pictures of the Great Hall...

Today I came across all but one of the rest of my Urban Alphabet letters: X and Y.  Here they are...

One to go.  I might actually finish this project soon.

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