Saturday, June 18, 2011


I love astrophotography.  I love the chance to stand under the beautiful night sky, just staring into space.  And what situation doesn't benefit from having a camera nearby, as well as having different equipment to work with?  none.  none at all.  The different equipment I am referencing is a remote shutter trigger.  The only time I use my remote shutter trigger is when I shoot astrophotography.  Any other time that I need to trigger the shutter without causing much camera shake, I just use my 2 second on camera feature.  That feature is quite helpful.  But with astrophotography, the shots tend to take at least a minute, in which case I must use the remote otherwise I can only get up to 30 seconds.  The remote allows for shutter speeds of as long as I am willing to sit under a starry sky.  That could mean hours.

The Big Dipper
A good constellation.  Definitely not my favorite, but a good one none the less.  Orion takes the cake.

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