Thursday, June 30, 2011

Burning Bridget Cleary

My wife works at our public library.  She helps to coordinate some events, one of which was tonight.  She got the Celtic band Burning Bridget Cleary to play in our local park, and man, did they sound good.  Beautiful harmonies, beautiful (faked) accents, and nothing more than fiddles, a guitar, and some hand percussion were used...besides the sound system, of course, to get their lively music loud enough that all could hear it.
I was given permission by the director of the library to get on stage and get some shots.  So I did.  Quite willingly.  Here are the results of that as well as some photos from the rest of the enchanting evening.
(to learn more about them and hear some of the music check out

 Burning Bridget Cleary
This is the band.  From left to right is Rose Baldino, Lou Baldino, Pete Trezzi, and Genevieve Gillespie

Lou Baldino
This is Lou Baldino, waiting to get the group shot that you just saw.  The other members of the band were busy signing autographs.

Rose Baldino Playing the Fiddle
Genevieve and Pete watch as father and daughter play together.

The Crowd
Ephrata Park filled up pretty quickly, but at this point, (early on) the crowd was still thin.

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