Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Photography, Part 1

Today, with the help of my new Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens, I got some pre-wedding day photos of my sister.  She wasn't dressed for wedding photos, in fact, she was wearing rain boots due to the intense thunderstorm that had just attacked Ephrata.  The boots were a vibrant yellow, allowing for some good contrasting colors.  Especially since I ended up making the whole photo black and white except for the boots.  The lens creates a decent amount of perspective distortion on close up subjects, but sometimes that makes for an interesting photo.
In that I will spend the next two days being in a wedding and shooting much of it, and then shooting much family portraits what with the extended family all being here, I will not get to use my new lens for what I want to use it for, or what I bought it for...But soon, I promise, I will get some good landscapes up on this site and I will do a decent review on the lens.  So far, though, I'm enjoying the different perspective that it allows.

Like a Bumblebee
Her arms are not really that fat, her head..not that small.  Her boots, though, are definitely that yellow.

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