Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pet Photography

I've never done any pet photography before...other than a few pictures of my lethargic cat.  I decided today that I must try this new side of photography.  I also decided today that my marketability as well as laziness might get in the way of actually finding clients.  So I then decided today that I must find another way.  I did.
I went to the trail by my house that is used for biking, walking, running, and any other physical activity.  But besides all that, it is mostly used as a place to take one's dog for a walk.  I sat down with a notebook and pen, ready to write a song or do some sketching until my first "client" walked past.  I'm not the most outgoing person, so I saw this as an opportunity to break down those anti-social walls and to put myself out there.  I also saw this as a chance to go at pet photography all out...I figure, most people that are getting their pets photographed have some treats or a favorite toy to help keep the dog on it's best behavior...making the photographer's life easier.  On the trail, enjoying a nice afternoon, few people are expecting to have to keep their dog in one place, looking in one direction.  So yea, it seemed like a good way to get a real taste for the hardships pet photography could bring.
Also, anyone that told me no when I asked, my plan was to tell them that this was a social experiment on the generosity of complete strangers.  I figure if people know they are being evaluated in terms of their decency, they will be more likely to give in.  If not, I will then know that letting someone know they are part of a social experiment makes no difference on the outcome of a social least under these circumstances.

Seeds of Knowledge
I shot this while waiting for my first "client."  I kind of like it.

Furry Thing
This pup would not look my way.  With all that hair, even if he would have looked in my direction, it would have been hard to focus on his eyes.

Smiley Thing
This pup wouldn't look away from me.  He had a big slobbery smile on his face the whole time.

Another picture of the same dog, this one has him with the questioning "cocked head" that dogs so frequently have.  Check out those teeth.

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