Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Camera

I got my wife a Canon 20D today.  I use a T1I and love it, but we both felt it was time to get her a good camera...especially since we will be moving to Northern Ireland soon.  I looked around and felt that a solid option was a used dslr from awhile ago.  After much research I was pretty confident that for the money, the 20D was the way to go.  I tested it out today with my sigma 10-20mm, and it seemed to do rather well.  My wife and I, as well as my siblings and mother, are all going to Michigan for a week starting Friday, so that will provide us with a great chance to assess the camera and to have her get a good grasp on using a nice dslr.

Fire on Main Street
I didn't want to go out and have to find something worth shooting today.  I wanted to mess around with her camera and learn the ins and outs of one of Canon's fantastic (and dense) pieces of equipment.  While sitting inside figuring out how to change the f stop, the lights and sirens of a fire engine caught my attention.  I went outside, talked to some people, made sure everything was alright, and shot my picture for the day.  Don't use this image as an example of the image quality of the 20D or sigma's 10-20mm.  I added some noise to the image to get the style I was looking for.

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