Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Elusive Letter

Here is the next letter for my Urban Alphabet.  The K.  You'd think the K would be an easy one...or at least I did.  Bars and pipes and wires are always going at each other in angles...that should make it awfully easy to find a K.  Apparently those angles are never the degrees I want them to be.  I have been hunting down a K for weeks now.  I finally found it today in a lumber yard roof.  Not the best K, but I don't think I can continue to look for would drive me insane.  Now that I found it, though, I'm sure they will start popping up everywhere.

K is for Killing me slowly with a game of hide and seek that takes a few weeks to play
"I found you!...but I must say, best hiding place ever!" 

 Urban Alphabet
It's coming along nicely...anyone have a name that is comprised of the first eleven letters of the alphabet?

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