Sunday, February 5, 2012


Though it wasn't anything like antiquing in Lancaster County (they know how to do it right...especially in Adamstown), today, my wife and I got to hit up table after table of old shiny...things.   Everything from vintage forks formed into bracelets, to skeleton keys, to clothing that no one would be able to go out in public in without being ridiculed, to cupcakes that my wife explained to me were in fact still edible because they apparently were not made in the 40s.  Here are some of my finds...

I know, I know...I just shot some books the other day.  But these are different.  They look all nice bundled up together.

Matryoshka Dolls...ready for a game of checkers.  I'll have you know, I pondered how one would differentiate between the dolls for a game of chess for a good long while...Then I finally realized it could be checkers...or some other game I am unaware of.

Where there is the ability to go antiquing, there too is the ability to take pictures of typewrites. 

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