Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Green Panoramas

I had to go to a photo shop today to drop off my camera body because I had specks of crap on my sensor.  Quite frightening.  
The problem with the specks was that they would only show up when my f-stop was greater than 11.  I tend to shoot with low f-stops...so I didn't learn that they were there until I was in the middle of some nice landscapes.  I had no intention of trying to blow those specks out of there while at the beach.  So, needless to say, some of those shots were ruined by stupid bits of dirt and dust and whatever.  
So yes, for now my camera is gone.  I should have it back early tomorrow morning.  It should be clean.  It better be clean.  

It was on the way to the photo shop that I got these nice panoramas...

Ireland.  In the morning. Trees and hills and meadows and pastures and fog.

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