Friday, February 10, 2012

Tilt-Shifting Belfast

Today I ran around Belfast with my homemade tilt-shift lens.  As strange as it may look to have half a plunger extending from a pretty expensive piece of technology, sometimes it's worth it.  Here is today's walk...all tilted and shifted...

I absolutely love what this lens does for my architectural shots.  It's kind of funny actually, one of the tilt-shift lens' main uses is to correct issues that arise when shooting architecture...I use it to create more issues (i.e. the beams in the back that are in focus at some points but not so at other points)

 This shot definitely didn't need to be tilt-shifted.  It just amused me.

Here's a shot that really shows what the lens is capable of.  All three of those locks are on the same "plane" in reference to the lens, yet only one is in focus.  The middle one is kind of in focus and the one on the right is rather out of focus.  For a photo to look like this, normally the locks would all have to be at different distances  from the lens.  They are not.  Thus is the awesomeness of the tilt-shift lens.

I like this shot for the exaggerated soft focus...adding much depth 

Again with the exaggerated soft focus.  This time the area in focus is far away.

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