Saturday, February 4, 2012

Books, Bricks and Bony Fingers

My wife is a big fan of this site ...a site that pretty much revolves around books and their shelves.  Apparently they think pretty much anything can be a bookshelf over there.  Apparently, that is one of the main reasons my wife likes it.  Here is my attempt at creating a bookshelf that resembles one found on their site...taken on the 2nd:

Just an old barn door with a nice little "shelf" next to it.  
A while ago, while hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail, I stumbled upon an old used book.  Apparently it is awfully common to bring a book with you while on the trail and once you've completed it you leave it for someone else.  If enough people do this, it is unlikely that you would go very far without having some good reading material.  I feel this would be an excellent thing to implement in the middle of a city.  Just have a few used books out on a wall in a few different locations...if someone thinks one of them looks good, they pick it up...whenever they are done with it, they put it back at one of the designated spots.  It would be much like a library except that it might pique the interest of people that weren't intending to hit up the library on a certain day...easy access and what not.  Plus, it sure beats just tossing out your old books.  So, anyone have some old books they want to get rid of?

Yesterday I took this...

The imprint of a house that once was?
Maybe an addition to this brick wall building that has now been subtracted?
I found it odd.

Today, hands intrigued me.  So here are some hands.  Yoga hands and soft delicate hands.  

This shot reminds of some Bruce Springsteen album art.  Minus the fact that it's a girl...and the fact that it's all soft and serene. basically it's just the jeans.  Springsteen liked jeans.  

...Not exactly how one does that "L 7" thing...but props for trying.

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