Monday, February 13, 2012

Belfast Wall Art

Belfast has a few murals.  I'm sure some of you out there know about them.  They definitely hold certain connotations for different people.  I'm not about to get into any of that.  In fact, if I ever get some pictures of them, I will probably post them without any text whatsoever.
Belfast also has a lot of walls that are covered in paintings that have no (at least no direct) connotations for people.  It is my impression that the shots I got today are of the paintings that take no political or social sides.

This one says "welcome to Belfast" and shows some of the things you can see here.  Such as the Botanic Gardens and the River Lagan.

This one is just some text.  Some text that I don't feel I can answer.  Mostly because I was under the impression that we haven't even proven that gravitrons (which would be the necessary quantum particle in gravity) exist.  Anyone have an answer?  I'm at a loss on this one...Though I must say, I like the idea of getting to go for a walk and getting to play trivia at the same time.  Now if only they'd change up the question each day...

Now onto birds!  It's National Bird-Feeding Month!  Though I don't want to limit myself to only bird photos this month, I do indeed want to get as many photos of our fine feathered friends as possible.  So today, in addition to those painted walls, I give you some Mediterranean Gulls...

...and some Oystercatchers.  There were other types of waterfowl down at the River Lagan as well, but I figure I'll spread them out throughout this most excellent bird-celebrating month.

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