Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guess What...

It rained today.
Also, since a small portion of what I do for a living consists of managing some floral deliveries, work occupied much of my day today.  There was much to prepare and double check for the upcoming holiday.

So yeah, there was no chance to get out today...except for the two minutes in which I ran to the nearest convenience store to buy some milk.  We were out of milk and I have found a vice in a certain granola they have here in Northern Ireland at our friendly Tesco.  I don't think I could start my day without a big bowl of said granola and milk.

So yeah, basically I had to find something indoors worth shooting.  I've said it before...I didn't bring enough odd crap to keep these days from getting the best of me.  So I turned the shower on.  Enjoy some abstract photography...

It reminds me of some sort of awesome alien invasion.  
It has been brought to my attention that far too many things remind me of alien invasions.

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