Sunday, March 13, 2011

365 Days (3.12.11 and 3.13.11)

It is probably too soon to start a new blog.

My other blog deals with my photography (which is the only function that this blog will serve), but it also deals with my cooking and DIY lifestyle in general.  I didn't want to overlap too much, filling a blog that people are hoping to find a good vegan recipe on with one of those "a picture for every day of the year" projects.  And thus, this. 

I never really saw the point in those projects.  They seem to throw inspiration out the window, forcing you to find something slightly worthwhile to photograph.  I figured if I ever were to do a 365 photo project, I'd just end up showing the world my second rate crap photography.  And maybe I will.  But alas, I was hiking at Middle Creek yesterday (a wonderful wildlife management area) and realized that I really miss what it was that got me into photography in the first place.  Perhaps it's the Spring, slowly forcing its way through the dirt, pushing the muskrats and minks out of hiding, or maybe it was forcing myself to shoot solely with the first lens I ever bought.  Either way, I realized that I very much missed the fantastic experience that is coming across something worth photographing.

As I grow as a photographer, I gain the knowledge of how to use multiple flashes, backdrops, and reflectors to get the exact shot that I envisioned.  But with this control over light and subject matter, I end up shooting less and less in an environment that doesn't allow such control.  More so than just ending up not doing so, I actually have a hard time forcing myself to do it at all.  I have experienced the control that all my photographic equipment allows for, why should I give that up?

Though I feel I should not, and will not give that control up, I feel I have now come full circle.  I now see the challenge that comes with a limited amount of control over the subject, and feel that if I wish to grow even further as a photographer I must consider this challenge itself as inspiration enough.

So I shall take at least one awesome picture a day.  I got a few I was happy with both yesterday and today, and that is why I feel I should give this a go.  Maybe I'm just missing out on at least 365 photos that should be shot.  Plus, who's to say I can't set up all my lighting equipment and control half a year or more's worth of photographs?

I'm going to post yesterday and today's in the same you go:

Black-Capped Chickadee
I love the tropical feel from the slightly yellow undertones in the background.  This was shot at Middle Creek.

An Extremely Muddy Path Through The Woods
I'm not limiting myself to straight off-the-camera photos.  If I feel the need to touch something up (or go all out), and have the time to do so on a daily basis, I will.

And here are the ones from today:

Old Barn Window
I normally will not take a photo of a window or door if it is not a head-on shot.  This window, being much higher than I was, has an interesting perspective that I really didn't think I would like.  I do.  The roof gives the photo a vignetting sort of appearance.

Basketball Symmetry
 I'm not a huge fan of sports.  I never really shot anything sport related, but I absolutely love the symmetry in this photo.

Fire Hydrant
The parts of the paint that are chipped off reveal what looks to me like fire.  It seemed rather appropriate.  The background gives the photo an almost frantic feeling.  Again, rather appropriate.

Spring Bursts Through
I'm not great with knowing what types of buds and sprouts will grow into a certain flower.  I'm thinking these are tulips.  They reminded me of the hens-and-chicks plants that used to cover the porch at my parent's house.


  1. Yes, they are tulips. Cool photo.

  2. Thanks Meg! I had a hunch but did not want to label them incorrectly.

  3. No problem, the shot jumped out at me because I actually like tulips more in this form, before they bloom (I know, weird). Looking forward to following your blog, just from seeing these few shots you seem to have an eye for finding beauty in unusual places (like the basketball hoop shot, love that one too).

  4. I would have to agree. Fully bloomed flowers are fine, but I find the young versions to be much more interesting. I'm glad you like the photo. And yea, I definitely wouldn't normally photograph a basketball net, but the symmetry surrounding it was begging to be shot.

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