Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Velo Transit

The last time my wife and I were out biking, for a split second we were going at the same speed and everything surrounding her and her bike was blurred.  She was the static part of the scene and though this happens all the time when you are looking at a moving object, I knew the next time we could get on bikes I would have my camera ready.  Well, today was a warmer day than the last few, so we went for a ride, and I tried awfully hard not to fall over while biking with no hands and looking through a viewfinder on a camera.

No Lies
Though I can't prove that I wasn't just standing there taking pictures, you can look at her spokes and see that she at least was definitely moving at a decent pace.  Getting a sharp image of someone speeding by while standing would be impressive as well, but you will just have to trust me, I was flailing around on a moving bike while shooting all of these. 

A Crack in the Road
The blur, focal point, colors, and cracked concrete make this image look like the earth is opening up, ready to swallow the bike and rider.  But no, more so, it's just what happens when you attempt to focus on a moving bike and miss entirely. 

Speed Demon
For whatever reason, the bike in this photo actually looks like it's going faster than the bike in the other photos.  The strange part being that you can actually better make out the spokes in this one than some of the others.   

  Through the Alleyway
Here is a normal photo of a portion of my wife making her way through the alleyway behind our house.  She adores that bike basket.

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