Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beautifying the Ugly

I can't say I find them ugly, but there are strange bud-like things in my backyard that appear dead.  They have a paper thin petal that looks like a dried autumn leaf, minus the vibrant colors.  I can only assume a few people would consider them ugly. 
I decided to do everything I could to make them beautiful.  Here is the result.  Did I succeed?

Reaching Bud
The color contrast and soft edges make the image much less offensive than the actual bud.


  1. Yes, actually, I think you did. The soft light and "glowiness" really helps.

    Oh, and I think they might be the seed pods of a Rose of Sharon, or something else very similar.

  2. awesome!

    and thank you for helping me figure out what the plant is...i am pretty sure you are right with the Rose of Sharon assumption