Sunday, March 20, 2011


Iron Furnaces, a Prisoner of War Camp that then became a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp, and Hessian Barns.  For the large amount of Appalachian Trail that I have hiked, I have never come across so many historical remains concentrated in one place.  To avoid my giving you a (possibly incomplete or inaccurate) history lesson, I'd recommend researching any of the following mentioned locations: Pine Grove Iron Furnace, Camp Michaux, CCC Camp, POW camp, etc.

Pine Grove Furnace State Park's Iron Furnace
We started our hike from within this state park.  This is a 19th century iron furnace.

Hessian Barn
We then had to search all over in order to find this 18th century (possibly) Hessian Barn.  Our directions were not very good at all.

CCC Camp
We then, following our instincts, took a random path off the AT and stumbled across this 1930s CCC Camp. This was a drinking water dam.  During World War II, the US military began to use this location as an interrogation camp for German and Japanese Prisoners of War. 

CCC Fountain
This beautiful fountain was hidden deep in the woods, far from the main path.  We turned a corner and suddenly it was in front of us.

The central section of the fountain had a ring of slag, which is the byproduct of producing iron.  It works wonders as a decorative rock.     

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