Monday, March 28, 2011


It's chilly outside.  This is not the weather I would like to end March with.  I'd even take rainy days if it meant that the temperature wasn't cold enough for a prediction of snow on Friday.  But no, it's chilly out there and I'm not in the mood to venture out into it.  So today's pictures feature the inside of my house.  Here is the first picture...

The Study
It goes without saying that if you have upwards of 700 shelved books in a room, you have a study.  Especially if that room is less than 15x15 feet.  I have a study.  

The next picture really doesn't count because it's a photo of my photos.  
I spent much of my free time today matting and framing three of my photos.  All three are for the same customer. Two of the photos are from this site, you might recognize them from an earlier post.  The other one is from my actual shop.  He was looking at this site and liked them so much that he checked out my other site, and shazaam....I sold three photos.  I consider this awesome because these photos are really not my best work.  They are just part of a project to keep me shooting.  But hey, I'm definitely not complaining.

Framed, Matted, and Hung
I always end up hanging my sold photos until I have a chance to deliver or mail them out.  I figure it's a nice, safe, out of the way place.  Plus, they should probably get used to hanging on a wall.

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