Sunday, March 27, 2011

Produce Roll Call

I finished it today: my 'produce through the viewfinder' series.  Well, I finished the first installment of it, at least.  In creating it, I ended up with a few more ideas that I really like.  I'm thinking there will at least be one more installment of four photos.  For now though, we have ginger, tomatillo, purple garlic, and yellow onion.  Sadly, after creating the two new ones today, I realized the older ones don't really match up with the current vibe I was feeling.  So today's images are all new images, all created today.

Produce Roll Call
I was told by my brother that these photos resemble still life paintings.  I can definitely see what he meant by that.  The backgrounds remind me of a Van Gogh flower pot painting, they always have a very distinct line separating the table/floor and wall.

Even though it was awfully cold today, my wife and I wanted to get out for a little.  We ended up going to Middle Creek, a place we frequent...well, frequently.  We meandered for a little, saw a woodchuck, a bald eagle, a beautiful bluebird and some goats on the way home.  We also passed an old barn that I thought needed to be photographed.  

Bricks and Glass
It wasn't until after I got home and was editing the photo that I realized there is something rather strange in the window.  What is that thing?  It looks like a tarp surrounding a canoe.  That is my best guess.

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