Sunday, April 10, 2011

And Finally...Today's

The composite image that I created for Saturday's post made me want to do one for today.  Sadly, I know of no other engravings on par with that one.  At least not within walking distance.  My bookshelf seemed like something that could benefit from being "panorama-ed."  I was wrong.  What I came up with looks fine, but it is definitely nothing special.  And thus, I reached for my backup.  When all else fails, take a photograph through the viewfinder of another camera.

Used Books
 I would use this as my banner if I had a used bookstore. These are not for sale.

A Handicap
For those who read really fast, too fast, we have introduced a new method of keeping you going at a more reasonable speed.  All words will be reversed and the ending is instead at the beginning and vice versa.  It's not impossible to read this way, but it will definitely slow you down.  As a side note, that is indeed a beautiful pile of Mister Kurt Vonnegut Jr. sitting right there.  So this story reversal thing...the character in Galapagos begins the book by crawling out of the ocean? that how it would work?  

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