Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Farmer's Market

Being in the middle of Amish Country has it's perks.  One of these perks is the Green Dragon, a pretty nice sized farmer's market filled with tons of fruits, veggies, and all the jerky you could ever want.  Though I may want a ton, as a vegan, I tend to be there for the produce.  Until I can have my own garden (which may be sooner than I thought), I will be frequenting this marvelous market more and more as it gets warmer.  Stay tuned for the Green Dragon in the summer, populated with all sorts of people and merchandise.  These pictures are quite the opposite though...the Green Dragon in the middle of the week, void of all life and products.

The Green Dragon, on any day but Friday, has been likened to a dismal Soviet marketplace.  Come Friday, it's an entirely different story.  It's filled with merchants by 6:00am.

Tables to Spare
I intend to snatch up one of these tables this summer.  I shall fill it with some of my photography and who knows, perhaps I will strike it rich off of the unassuming New Yorkers.


  1. We sell at a flea in the summer, I am not getting rich but it's a great way to get your photography exposed and out there and we do sell a few pieces each week. Hope you do well and wishing you good luck!

  2. Many thanks for the words of encouragement! I am excited to give it a shot, but what would you recommend for amounts of prints, sizes of prints, and anything else that I don't even know to ask about?