Friday, April 15, 2011

A Study Of Energy Transfer

My friend and I decided to go run amok with a camera.  He is a ninja, so we ended up doing some high speed shots of him doing ninja-like things.  Here is a study of the motion required to send a rock through the air at warp speed.  It is easy to see in each frame where the energy is building up and where it is being transferred to.

Truly Ultimate Power (a Study of Energy Transfer)
Note the 6th frame, the frame right before the release of the energy/rock.  It is the only frame that the ninja appears tense in.  Every other frame is either the fluid motions leading into the release or the continued fluid motions of the spin after the release.  It is in a single split second that all the pent up energy from the spin is dominated by the ninja and then let loose.

Dominated Energy
A larger image of the ninja exposing his truly ultimate power.

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