Monday, April 11, 2011

Reptiles and Birds

Fantastic weather today.  I was told it reached 86 degrees.  So of course my wife and I made our way to Middle Creek.  We created some delicious sandwiches, threw our bikes on the back of my car, and made our way to the wonderful wildlife management area.  We saw tons of Great Blue Herons flying around building nests, and then when our gaze fell from the sky back to the earth, we found a cute little Eastern Painted Turtle.

Roosting in the Trees
Though it isn't the best picture of herons, this should give you an idea of what all the trees surrounding the lake look like.  Back and forth these big birds fly; straw and branches hanging from their beaks.

This Eastern Painted Turtle had no desire of coming out for my wife and I.  Perfectly content right where he was, at least he provided me with easy photo opportunities.

Abstract Shell
In that the turtle wasn't going anywhere, I had the chance to get some nice shots of his shell.  The nicks and scratches add to the image while the shininess allows for different hues throughout it.

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