Friday, April 1, 2011

A Change of Events

I woke up to snow.  Lots of it.  Far too much of it for the first of April.  But I am extremely glad that it didn't accumulate to anything, turned to rain, and although it made my worldview flip upside down, birds sang while it fell.  The rain that it became ended up making it feel much more like Spring.  A feeling that I hope becomes a constant for at least the next two months.
Driving home from work in the pouring rain was so much better than driving to work in the falling snow. It really threw a positive twist on the day, so I decided I should indulge in the Springier weather.  So, plant pictures it is.

 Diamonds Last Forever
Regardless of how annoying all ring advertisements are, this photo reminds me of one.  I'm sure it has to do with the fact that the main focus is that of a very diamond/pearl-like thing.  Also, the bokeh in the background probably plays a big part.

This isn't bamboo.  It just has what looks like the right width and curvature.  Of course the physics are all wrong...those droplets would not be able to just rest on it the way they are.

Though they are all within three inches, this photo seems to have a good representation of foreground, middle ground,  and background.  The colors remind me of a summer sunset.

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