Thursday, April 7, 2011

Royal Reversed: A Typewriter Through The Viewfinder

I have some "housekeeping" notes.  First, I realized that some of my photos were coming out dark on other computers.  I only recently realized this when I saw my site from my work computer.  In the next few days, I will upload better versions.  Feel free to let me know which seem to be especially bad.  Second, I will be camping immediately after I get home from work tomorrow until Sunday sometime.  If I have time on Sunday, I might upload Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's.  More likely though, I'll get to it on Monday.  If you are very upset about this...ha...feel free to check out this on any of those days in order to get your 'me' fix.  If you find today's picture at all enjoyable to stare at, look specifically for the typewriter photos on the site.  There are eight total, but seven of those belong to my "Typing on Jetsam" series, probably my favorite series that I have done.  Check it out.

Royal Reversed: A Typewriter Through The Viewfinder
This is a beautiful, old typewriter.  My wife is pretty sure that it is very similar to, if not the same model as the one that Radar uses in the television show M*A*S*H.  My wife also said that all the typewriter buffs out there will be frustrated by the fact that the word ROYAL is backwards.  I responded with the fact that all Through the Viewfinder buffs would call me out on faking TTV if it wasn't backwards.  I did not fake it.  I used my Kodak Duaflex IV to take the photo.  

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