Saturday, April 2, 2011


Any day that brings even the slightest warmth to the outdoors has me jumping on my bike and pedaling away.  Today was one of the those days, emphasis on the "slightest" part.  My wife and I rode around the block a few times and then, since her bike is so much nicer looking than mine, I took some pictures.  This time the photos were taken while her bike was leaning against our shed and I was standing on solid ground.  This differs significantly from my bike pictures from a few days ago...Though those were a testament to my obviously amazing balance.

 Something Is Missing
This picture would be awesome if there was a box filled with vegetables on the metal bars.  Or a suitcase clamped on.  Or a couple small boxes, stacked, and tied on with old twine.  I rather like the bokeh created from light shining off the metal chain in the bottom left corner, though.

Take a Seat
Hop on and enjoy the ride, these shocks will keep you from bouncing all over the place, even on Pennsylvania roads. 

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