Sunday, April 10, 2011

For Friday, the 8th of April

I was horrified on Friday.  We went camping and I didn't have much time to take my daily picture what with getting there late in the evening and getting everything set up.  When I finally had a minute to put towards it, I took an easy route.  We weren't really family had all got a trailer in the middle of the woods...and there was a basket of fake flowers in one of the rooms.  I decided that I'd try a simple isolation shot of some of the flowers.  I aimed, focused, and clicked.  The camera fired away, and then a big "NO CARD" message showed up!  Argh! I forgot my memory card at home.  I got pretty annoyed because I knew there would be many good photo opportunities on Saturday, and now I'd have to run back home in the morning to get my cards.  Next morning I woke up and laughed at myself.  Even though the memory card was at home, I had my whole camera bag with me and had about another 30 gigs of cards in the bag.  ugh.  So I grabbed one, loaded it and shot Friday's photo just as I would have on Friday.

Isolated Flowers
I wanted a very minimalist approach to this isolated shot.  The black and white definitely helps with that, it also makes these fake flowers look a little better.  A little.

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