Sunday, May 1, 2011

Craft Fair to Benefit Mental Health

My wife used to go to Ursinus College.  She still has friends there, so when we found out they were doing a craft fair, I had the necessary connections to get me in on it.  It was my first craft fair, my first "exhibit," and I feel I did fairly well.  My actual profit after what was taken out for donation, the time that went into each piece, and the cost of the supplies came out to about what I would make for the same amount of time at my actual job.  My actual job doesn't let me talk to everyone that stops at my cubicle about photography for 20 minutes.  So yeah, I think it was a success.

Lining the Walkway
Stand after stand, beautiful handmade items and even some homemade baked goods lined the walkway at Ursinus College.

My Neck of the Woods
The picture isn't anything special, but I figured I should document this momentous occasion.  The momentous occasion being the point in time when people got to put a face to the beautiful work by next2hector. Ha.

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