Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ridley Creek State Park

Today was my wife's birthday.  She requested a fun day somewhere.  I found a place not too far away that seemed to have the historic stuff that she likes as well as the outdoorsy nature stuff that I like.  It was Ridley Creek State Park and it was awesome.

Mansion at Ridley Creek State Park
This mansion is currently the state park office.  The grounds directly surrounding the mansion have tons of little paths.  One of which will lead you to...

Door to a Greenhouse
There is a pretty old, rather run-down greenhouse quite close to the mansion.  A gate led us to this door.  This door led us to...

Dilapidated Greenhouse
 Branches from plants that were not supposed to be in this greenhouse have broken through the glass and are winding their way across the ceiling.  The plants seem to be doing better than the building is.

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