Saturday, May 28, 2011

Longwood Gardens

We went to Longwood Gardens with some friends of ours today.  Its a rather nice, rather massive garden about an hour away from where we live.  It was fun.  I took pictures.  It's late now, though, so I'm not going to do much more explaining of the day, the things we saw, the history of the place, or the things I photographed.  Hopefully the quantity will make up for the words I am without.

This is some part of some flower.  I only know that it is a lily because it was in a massive room labeled as a lily display.

Not Sure
Someone help.  I really should know this one.  It looks ridiculously familiar, but I just don't recall what it is.  It reminds me of a Jack In the Pulpit.

These edges are edges of some type of cactus.  I sure know my plants.


  1. haha thanks. I never prided myself in my horticultural or botanical knowledge.