Saturday, May 21, 2011


My brother is free from college...for my wife and I met up with him and his girlfriend for a rather nice picnic and some meandering around a quarry.  It was such a nice day today.  We almost told them no when they asked if we wanted to join them...we had just gone on a 30 mile bike ride and would have happily sat down and relaxed for awhile...but instead we told them we would meet up with them.  I'm quite glad we did, it's always fun to hang out with him, and more and more I find his girlfriend to be quite interesting, fun, humorous, and a fantastic match for my brother.  Also, she promised to take me spelunking in upstate New York.  That won me over.

A Girl
This is my brother's girlfriend.  I didn't ask if they minded being posted all over the internets, so I made sure to choose photos that don't show faces. 

  A Boy
This is my brother.  I was trying to get some abnormal angles for both shots...I did better with this one.  The angle makes him look like some giant standing on his own personal island.  Very Gulliver-esque.

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