Monday, May 9, 2011

Ideas for Series

I came up with two new series ideas today.  One isn't really mine, I've seen it all over the place, in fact.  The other is far as I know.  The first is an urban alphabet of sorts.  Basically, I find different things that you might come across in a city that resembles a letter of the alphabet.  My intention is to get the entire alphabet, as well as 0 - 9.  This then allows you to write out a word or name or what have you with your hometown, or whatever city you chose to do it in. 
My second series idea was to create a self portrait.  My desire is to, from time to time, take a picture of different body parts and then create a collage from those single shots.  In addition to just having these separate shots to piece together, I also will be shooting each body part in a situation or with an object that relates to that body part as well as exposes something about me, such as an hobby, an interest, a characteristic, or whatever.  The final collage will be both an actual portrait of me as well as a less physical, more metaphorical portrait of me.

Urban Alphabet
This will be an urban alphabet from the quaint little town known as Ephrata.  The first three letters of the alphabet are shown here.  Limited to these letters, I can create the abbreviation for "already been chewed", a necessary abbreviation for the younger generations, as well as the word "cab."  That's about it.  Once I build my repertoire, the possibilities will be endless.

My Left Hand
This photo shows not only my left hand, but also my love for the outdoors.  I am grasping a tree in the photo, but it looks enough like a rock that the image can be taken as pretty much any nature related physical activity...rock climbing, hiking, climbing a tree....anything.

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