Monday, July 11, 2011

Back From the Lakes

I am back from Michigan.  I actually got back yesterday, but what with unpacking and trying to move after a 14 hour car ride, definitely did not have time to go through 20 gigs of photos.  Since then, I have.  I am not going to write much (there are so many pictures and so many things that could be said of each image) but you will get a slight breakdown of my vacation.  Here it is.

 July 1st
After racing from work to home and speed packing, I had exactly one minute to run out back and take a photo of something.  This is a woodpile that I tried to make slightly more interesting by using glare to my benefit.  I then jumped in a van to leave.

July 2nd
Much like the 1st, the 2nd of July consisted of us getting to the cabin in Michigan at a rather late hour with very little time to do anything but eat and go to bed.  Here is a portion of my family doing just that...eating (on the cabin porch).  I liked the way they were lined up...both the upper and lower halves of them.

 July 3rd
The 3rd allowed for some actual pictures that pertained to the area.  Pictured Rocks is a National Lakeshore that we got to take a boat tour of.  I was able to get some beautiful landscape shots as well as some close ups of the colored rock faces.  The closeups have an abstract feel to them.

3rd Continued
Here is a nice landscape shot of Pictured Rocks from a lookout.  The green and blue water was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  It was so clear yet so green.  This shot was not altered in any way that would change the shade of the lake.

July 4th
We went on an incredible boat tour that had a glass bottom, allowing you to see deep into the water.  The tour was of three different shipwrecks in Lake Superior and each one was fascinating.  Regardless of the fact that none of these are from a pirate ship, I call this compilation "Reconstruction of a Pirate Ship."

4th Continued
We tried to see some fireworks on the 4th...they got rained out.  Luckily, we did get to see them on the 5th (a truly spectacular spectacle (especially since it was over Lake Superior)).  I didn't know we would get to see any, so once it got dark, I got my camera out and took some photos of nature's fireworks.   The Milky Way was so very visible.

July 5th
We went on another boat tour on the 5th that took us through Soo Locks, an extremely old but still in use lock situated between Lake Superior and Lake Huron.  You are taken past some old coal yards with some massive pieces of equipment.  This machine made me think of some type of iron guardian, waiting for a reason to come out of it's metallic slumber.

July 6th
We started the day off with some decent hiking around Tahquamenon Falls.  The water is filled with tannin, a polyphenolic compound that comes from oak trees and is used in making wine, and gives the water a beautiful "tan" color.  It made me awfully thirsty for iced tea.

 6th Continued
We then hiked through some beach-like dunes until we actually got to a beach.  The beach was covered in beautifully bright colored rocks that littered both the sand and the lake.  The water being crystal clear allowed for some beautiful pictures of people in the water (my brother and his girlfriend seemed to think so at least).  Also, people had used the vibrant rocks to make rock sculptures.  My brother was in the process of completing one in the middle picture.  The last photo is a compilation of his sculptures.

6th Continued
The sun was starting to set as we left the beach.  The white Aspen that can be found all over Michigan was standing tall on one of the dunes and catching the sun's final rays of the day.  As we made our way back, I took a photo of everyone else cresting a dune.

July 7th
We actually relaxed on the 7th.  Even my camera did.  Here again is the Aspen.  Also, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (where we were) is a huge fan of the Pasty.  The pasty is a pastry shell filled with beef, potatoes, turnips, and onions.  It is assumed that it is originally from Cornwall in England.  The vegetarian version was delicious.

July 8th
Another day for rest and relaxation...two things that we normally don't associate with a vacation.  Not having any plans allowed us to swim in a small lake all day, attend a fish fry for dinner, and then go back to that lake and swim in it at night...a fairly frightening but fun experience.  During the day, while swimming, we found a crippled dock and used it to dive off of as well as to hold obstacle course races on.  It is hard to run on a dock that resembles an M. C. Escher drawing.

July 9th
Here is the cabin/house thing we stayed in.  we left rather early on the 9th.  I had about two minutes to take the picture before I had to jump into the car.  We then drove many hours, met up with some friends, hung out with them for awhile, and then continued on our journey home.

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