Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Unlikely Doors

Not really knowing what I was going to photograph today, I biked around until I came to some interesting old buildings that have interested me, but never to the point that I took a photo of them.  With my recent trips to the school that is being demolished, I've had the destruction of buildings on my mind, and these buildings are definitely in the process of falling down.  Not wanting to just take pictures of the broken pieces and jagged edges of the buildings, I looked around for something else of interest.  I came across a theme..doors on both buildings were oddly placed, or at least now are oddly placed due to the crumbling world around them.

Quite The Entranceway
A good two feet off the ground and surrounded by loose bricks, I'd like to see anyone enter this door without tripping.

A Door Above The Rest
And I'd like to see anyone get in this one, period.  A good twenty feet off the ground and no door knob...good luck.

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