Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gone Boatin'

We took our boat out for the first time this year.  We like to go to Raystown Lake, which is in Huntingdon County, PA, but that's a bit far for days when you are only able to leave at noon.  We instead went to the Susquehanna River, only about an hour away, and rode around on the river, tubed, water skied, and rope ...swung? was a quite enjoyable day.

Riding the Wake
Rather capable on the snow covered mountains, my brother attempted water skiing.  Once he got up he did quite well.  The shot isn't that great because I was frightened about the possibility of getting my wife's new camera wet...I wanted to get the picture as quickly as possible and return the camera to the waterproof bag.

Citrus Model
This is that same brother of mine.  Words are not necessary for this photo.

The Fall
This was where we were rope swinging.  Creating this image was fun, but I wish I got the whole process, not just the part where the swinger reached the end of the arc and fell.

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