Monday, July 25, 2011

School Work

This is the kind of school work I like.  Getting to set up floodlights and flashes, arranging and rearranging subjects, it's much preferred over some of the work I did in both high school and college.  Some of that stuff...a lot of that stuff... had little to no use in the real world.  Hopefully my photographic knowledge does have some use in the direction that I am heading.  I really hope so.
So here is one of the projects for my schooling at NYIP...photographing a still life.  I had started with some different types and sizes of peppers, but I just couldn't get a composition that I was satisfied with.  Luckily my wife was around to help me think of a better subject...mason jars.

Still Life with Mason Jars
I like the gradient lighting in the background.  The only thing I don't really like is how that gradient lighting kind of breaks (mostly the big one) the jars into two sections, half dark and half light.

And now...just in case someone missed it....
I print all my photos through a company called ...they are really fantastic...great prices, great customer service and really really great quality. I have been using them for a while now and only recently found out that each year they feature their own customers in their paper sample kit (a kit they send out that shows all the types of papers and finishes that they offer). The way they go about choosing the images to use is through a customer contest. Of about 100 images entered, I was one of the 14 that the Iprintfromhome staff selected for the first round. The second round is chosen by the rest of the guys.

I would love to be able to be featured on their photo sample kit, getting my name out there to tons of please if you could, go to the facebook page and click the like button under my image (Biking Through Thunder, by Christopher Kulfan(me))

if you dont have a facebook, which I don't even, you can email them a vote for me by going to this page and just typing the name of my photo in the comment box. "Biking Through Thunder"

thank you very very very much!

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